Liquorice Loves: Week Round-Up

I don't know about you but I'm feeling super inspired this week...and just in time for London Fashion Week!
I've done a little round up of my favourite posts and pictures, mostly pretty things I've found on Twitter (you can follow me @franwriight;-)) and they aren't all LFW related...I apologise (?) for an unusually verbose post! Enjoy!

Emma Watson has guest edited the February copy of Wonderland magazine, a magazine I stumbled upon many moons ago in a big WHSmith store. Knowing nothing about it I poured over the pages for years and used some of my favourite fashion images for collages when I was doing GCSE Art...! Fond memories...and aren't her portraits just perfect?

The Henry Holland AW14 show at London Fashion Week this February has actually blown me away...forget sports luxe, this is LUXE luxe. Inspired by "debauched debutantes" (I'm so honoured!) this is a must see. I've queued a post about this show already...keep checking back for more.

Jamie Campbell Bower is as talented as he is beautiful (can someone please tell me something he's not good at so I can feel a bit less like an inferior human being?) Shot by Rankin he stars on the cover of Issue 6 of Hunger magazine...and I need to get my hands on a copy! You can see his November 2013 interview on the Hungertv blog: here, and yeah he gets his bum out.

Central St. Martins graduate Richard Nicoll presented beautiful, golden, jacquard pieces at his Nicoll Studio LFW show.

"Stressed...But Well Dressed" I think sums up a pretty substantial amount of fashion lovers (maybe all of them?) this week...and I spotted this beautiful oversized, soft, white clutch bag (so on trend) in Zara today! For £19.99 you can't go wrong: in the U.K shop here.

Burberry are teasing me with tantalising glimpses of AW14 items on Twitter...their LFW show is at 14.30 tomorrow (Monday 17th February) and how I wish I was going. </3

The Central St. Martins AW14 MA show produced some pretty futuristic fashion, and I think I love it: check out more photos on the i-D website here. I wonder who we will be seeing more from in the future...?

I don't know how they do it but Proenza Schouler always know what I want before I even know I want it...the photo above is just look 1 from the AW14 LFW show but you can view all the looks on their website Proenza Schouler.

And last, but not least, press play and enjoy Vampire Weekend's 'Diane Young'...not a new track but one I am re-loving this week:


  1. This has made me want to drag out my old sketch book and start again with my collages!


    1. Haha thank you Katie...you should! I started drawing again recently and I don't know why I ever stopped...! ♡ x