Valley Eyewear

It may not exactly be sunnies weather here in England at the moment but there's one thing that I've been spotting all over the internet (especially Instagram) recently...Valley Eyewear sunglasses.

Super cool, seriously edgy, beautifully hand-crafted, thick plastic frames in a variety of colours and finishes, including limited edition LEATHER frames (yes, leather!).

Check out the current collection, 'Into The Void', promotional video below.

These peach frames are definitely going on my summer wish list! 

(I do not own these images. Source: http://www.valleyeyewear.com)


  1. You're back!!! Love the first image. I wish I could wear sunglasses like this, but my bf always laughs when I even try them on :(

    Katie <3

    1. Well I'm not saying I'm really back...but I'm going to give it another go :-P Been so busy I just haven't had any time! :-P