Forever 21 Pay Day Sale

Heads up to all you savvy fashion lovers out there, Forever 21 are having a buy one get one free sale this pay day weekend only (ending 3rd September) which means if you buy 2 sale items or more you get an EXTRA 50% off everything you buy!
LIQUORICE thinks that's a pretty good deal and if you're a bit strapped for cash but need your feel-good, 'new clothing' fix then take a look, you might just find something you love.

Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Recipe

LIQUORICE loves to bake. Indulge in these triple chocolate brownies, using this BBC Good Food recipe; although I had to bake the brownies for about 20 minutes longer than the instructions suggest. With a recipe entitled 'Best-ever brownies' they can't be bad...and, if you don't trust yourself with a whole plate of brownies on the side, they can be stored away in an airtight container for two weeks or in the freezer for a month.

L.K.Bennett's AW12 Campaign with Emily Mortimer

L.K.Bennett's AW12 campaign features the beautiful, British actress Emily Mortimer who is currently starring in HBO's 'The Newsroom' and has previously acted alongside Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Grant.

"Emily brings more than her beauty to L.K.Bennett, she brings assurance and magnetic appeal." 

With a new collection of clothing that embraces "classic with a modern twist", L.K.Bennett has perfectly picked Emily to model these new pieces, with her slight frame, distinctive face and almost Parisian look which screams classic elegance and really embodies the true luxury behind the brand.

L.K.Bennett has always strived to offer affordable, luxury fashion to women from every warp of life: the common ground being that we all want to look and feel our best at every possible opportunity! 

On appearing in the new campaign Emily said: “I am delighted to partner with L.K.Bennett as they have been a go-to British brand for my seasonal ‘must haves.’ I love so many pieces in the upcoming collection, from the perfectly cut boucle coat to the patent toe ankle boots, they are the perfect complements to any Fall wardrobe.”

Take a look at the promotional video featuring Emily Mortimer and some of my favourite pieces from this timeless collection, below.

Crocus Patent Shoulder Bag (in Hot Pink) - £275.00 (You can also get beautiful clutches in the same patent, style and shade.)

Black Melissa Shoes - £195.00 (Also available in 'Damson Leopard'!)

Mexico Sunglasses - £75.00 (On sale, but it's never too cold, dark and rainy for sunglasses.)

Salena Silk Satin Tie-Neck Blouse (in Champagne) - £145.00

Darwin Coat (in Taupe) - £745.00

Info, video and photos from www.lkbennett.com

Retail Therapy 2

LIQUORICE: This weeks retail therapy...I'm particularly loving the new season clothes in Zara! Take a look at what I'm loving!

Couldn't believe these Zara boots are only £29.99...! Loving the gold heel, it's very YSL.

Beautiful Zara peplum dress. I can't get enough of this colour at the moment but it's so difficult to find pieces I really like in the same shade so I love this. See my post on Autumnal reds for more items like this!

This Zara jacket is everything I've ever wanted in a jacket for Autumn/Winter; leather, fur lined, with a hood! £165.99

Wearing pattern on my bottom half is a new thing for me because I haven't had the confidence that my legs were slim enough for something like this before but I love these Zara patterned jeans. The pattern itself is beautiful and intricate but not garish thanks to the base colour being black.

I have actually fallen in love with this ivory, embellished collar, peplum top from Topshop. £32.00.

Find more of my photos on Instagram: @franwriight


REISS' Guide to Transcending the Seasons

I don't know about you but all this bad weather is actually making me excited for the colder months, and REISS have got it so right with their new 'look book', that shows you how to dress in the strange limbo between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn, entitled Transcend the Seasons. Last week, REISS' models, photographers and stylists took to London's southbank to shoot the looks and here you can see some behind the scenes and sneak peek photographs that were released on the 22nd...
New AW shoes.

Our favourite look, sensible and wearable and seriously cool.

LIQUORICE loves these black leather boots with gold detail.

Check out all of REISS' Transeasonal looks here.

Forever 21 Wedges

LIQUORICE loves these simple Colorblocked Wedges from Forever 21. The metallic heel fits perfectly with AW 12 trends and best of all, wedges are the comfiest heels you can get! The slight platform at the front adds another great inch of height. At only £24.75 they're a bargain and they're on my 'to buy' list...! Find them here.


Free and Exclusive 4 Track EP from Favourite Phaeleh

('Losing You' from Phaeleh's debut album 'Fallen Light')

LIQUORICE loves Phaeleh, pronounced 'fella', and today I'm so pleased to say that he has put up, for free download, a previously unreleased EP entitled 'From The Vaults', with four great tracks on it. 
If you haven't heard of Phaeleh, aka Matt Preston, he has been on the scene since 2008, hailing from Bristol, and offering a minimalistic, chilled out wealth of electronic music.
He's playing this Friday night at Outlook festival, so if you're lucky enough to be heading off to Croatia this weekend then don't miss out on his set: there's sure to be a great atmosphere when he plays.
After 4 years, Phaeleh is still offering some of the freshest, most eclectic, electronic music in the UK and I can only see more success for him in the future.

Follow Phaeleh on Facebook and Twitter
Find the free download here: www.phaeleh.co.uk

Photography Feature: Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is a freelance photographer who recently graduated from the University of Wales, Newport having read Photography for Fashion and Advertising and now specialises in women's fashion and beauty. Jessica's photos range from studio work, live catwalk photography, 'on location' shoots, street fashion photography and personal projects; such as 'Belief' which explores the effect of religion, culture and belief on the way a woman dresses or looks. The photos are themselves beautiful but the subtle differences that Jessica has managed to capture, by allowing the models to style themselves to reflect their beliefs, are magical. Find out more about the 'Belief' project and Jessica's other work below...

Three photos from Jessica Brown's 'Belief' project.
Tell LIQUORICE more about your project 'Belief' and the concept and working behind it.
The project 'Belief' was produced for my final year at university. It was an ongoing project that portrayed women who have a strong belief belief system of are deeply involved within their culture. The final outcome was a series of studio based portraits which hold a subtle element of religion. Incorporated into each photograph is a hint of that belief in the form of an object, piece of clothing or accessory specifically chosen by the model themselves. Throughout the project I had no control over what each individual chose to bring to the photo shoot which meant that they were able to represent themselves entirely, allowing for their personality to shine through.
I chose to shoot this project as I find the subject of religion truly fascinating: how everyone has a different take on it. I wanted to show that one belief was no more important than another and to make people aware that not every belief has to be a conventional religion. 

An example of Jessica's fab catwalk photography.
Why Photography? 
I've always been interested in art & design, both of which I studied throughout my secondary education and during sixth form, I attended night college once a week where I studied photography. It was at this point I understood that photography was the direction I wanted to take my creativity. 
I went to university where I read Photography for Fashion and Advertising. The course allowed my love of both fashion and photography to work together harmoniously within an image. I love that you can create your own story; photography is a medium that can allow you to control an outcome, from the lighting and location to the model and styling. Seeing a picture form in front of your eyes is incredible, and knowing that you made that happen is a great achievement.

What or who inspires you the most?
A lot of my inspiration comes from other creatives, not necessarily photography. Inspiration for me comes from many areas, such as designers, films, music videos and tv commercials. I'm a very visual person so a lot of my ideas are triggered by seeing something that catches my eye, whether it be colours working together to create a specific mood, an object or even a hairstyle.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style varies depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing. Generally I like to dress in anything pretty, covered in floral print, with interesting detailing. I wear a lot of black with bold print, which allows certain items or accessories to stand out, at the moment I love studded detailing. My ideal wardrobe would probably consist of a vast selection dresses or playsuits that I could dress up or down!

What do you hope the future holds for you and where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Being an in-house fashion photographer for a magazine or reputable clothing brand would be brilliant. Having creative influence on how you see products and designs being represented would be a dream come true.

Find more about Jessica Brown photography and connect at: www.jessicabrownphotography.co.uk, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


I've Become a 'Professional Artist'!

You may or may not know that today I became a professional artist as I sent out my first ever, sold set of prints. I thought I would share the photos of these prints on LIQUORICE! Tell me what you think here: Fran Wright Art

As always, if you would like to see your artwork, fashion designs, styles, photography, guest blog entry, whatever(!) here with a short interview please submit your work to liquoricesubmit@gmail.com. 


Artist Feature: Mehriban Efendi

Characteristically, award winning artist Mehriban Efendi’s paintings are vividly colourful and detailed; line and mark making are also important aspects of Mehriban’s art work, creating movement and abstract ‘mirages’. Mehriban’s mixed media painting entitled ‘Harmony’ (below) has been chosen as one of a select few pieces of art, from tens of thousands of entries, to be included in the upcoming Artists Wanted ‘Art Takes Times Square’ publication. 

The publication will feature the very best of the artwork that was screened in Times Square back in June of this year as an attempt to hold a sort of self-curated exhibition in one of the most iconic cities on Earth; artists submitted their own work to be featured on some of Time Squares billboards as part of a huge, global showcase. Due to the popularity of the event, it is a great privilege for Mehriban to have her work in the publication and it’s not hard to see why ‘Harmony’, and her other paintings, are so popular. Take a look at LIQUORICE’s interview with Mehriban Efendi…

Tell LIQUORICE a little more about yourself.
I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, and I attended the Baku State art school called A. Azimzadeh, and the Moscow animation school of Soyuz Multfilm. Paricipating in many creative fields, I have exhibited my collections of dresses and other works as an artist. These have been displayed in many galleries not only at Azerbaijan Republic but also other countries. I work in the film studio of ‘Azerbaijanfilm’ as the head of the department of costumes and requisites and as an art director and costume designer in feature films, advertisings and TV serials.  

What inspires you most?
Usually nice music can drive me up, and I may lose the sense of reality.
I have enjoyed painting ever since I really opened my eyes and saw this fantastic world we live in. When I was 5 years old, I felt an unusual feeling of being close to God, Space, and the Universe. That mystic sense is the major challenge of inspiration, which leads me to imagination to put everything from sub-consciousness to the consciousness on paper.

What is your favourite colour?
My favorite colour is turquoise. I love colour, and that is my primary tool of expression. I like to use colour to highten the emotion of the natural world. Also unusual combinations of symbols, figures, and lines are the major characteristics that my art works have in common. I use colour in abstract pieces to show balance, transformation, and interaction of energies.

What is your favourite medium to work in and why?
 I love to mix mediums. But my favourite medium is oil, acrylic and water colours on canvas. Also, I use a special combination of an unusual mixture which can only be seen close up!

Find more about Mehriban Efendi here: www.simpley.com/mery (website design by Adrian Durham, creator of www.alittlebitindividual.com)

Fran-kly Speaking 1

LIQUORICE recently corresponded with Adrian Durham, creator of alittlebitindividual.com and I now have my own section on the website where I will write short articles about fashions and trends! 
My first piece is about starting at University, Freshers week, and how all the stress of moving and adjusting to studying is the perfect excuse for a whole new wardrobe...


Dazed and Confused August Playlist 12

Right now I'm listening to the Dazed and Confused August playlist and I'm loving it...! 
It kicks off with one of Azealia Banks darker tracks...

Have a listen here: 

Retail Therapy 1

Today I indulged in some retail therapy to buy an outfit to wear when I go out tomorrow night, on my journey down the high street I found so many lovely Autumn/Winter 12 trends that I thought I'd post them here for all to see. Here are some of my favourite picks from the high street today (literally):

Fabulous glitter heeled boots in tan or grey from New Look. Similar shoes can be found ALL OVER the high street at the moment; places such as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and River Island, to name a few.

Not a very flattering photo, but this sexy leotard from Miss Selfridge is just the right mix between hot and conservative. Don't copy me; I was just trying it on, I advise you wear a skirt with it!

Tie dye cut-out dress from Topshop. If you buy this dress take care to pick your favourite of the dresses available in your size because this great pattern varies from dress to dress: some are darker.

I couldn't resist this velvety print at Miss Selfridge, check out the dress it came from here.

This Aztec-esque black and gold print skirt caught my eye in River Island.

As did this dark green dress.

And this beautiful black and gold cardigan. This is on my 'to buy' list when I next get paid...Autumn is fast approaching and I think this is my kind of Baroque style!

This relaxed and slouchy jacket from River Island is given an edge with slim, faux leather sleeves. I love the mix between casual and cool and this jacket is definitely perfect for Autumn layering.

More boots: these black faux leather boots are a bargain from H&M.

Follow my Instagram for more photos from my day to day life: @franwriight

Artist Feature: Alexandra Masson

Alexandra Masson was born in England but only stayed here for 6 weeks before being taken to Madrid, Spain where she lived for 2 years and then moved on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. At just 13 years old she left Argentina to live in Venezuela (with a two year stint in London in 1988). With no formal training in art Masson says she is "always suprised and a little bit shocked when my artwork is accepted in a salon," and that her only regret in life is not having a degree in Fine Art. Instead of art, Masson studied Biology, Law and  English-Spanish simultaneous interpretations and translations, which is how she currently makes her living. Art began for Masson, as it often does for others, as a means to expressing bottled up feelings that couldn't be related in any other way, and learning through short art and photography courses. Masson's art is bold and vivid and full of bright colour. These mixed media, edited, collage paintings are a joy to behold, and almost look like optical illusion art; the abstract positioning of paper and paint, enhanced digitally creates a tangled maze containing unintentional imagery. LIQUORICE has been lucky enough to have this wonderfully insightful and profound interview with Alexandra Masson! Read on for more...

Tell LIQUORICE a little more about yourself:
In his book called "Peace is the Way", Deepak Chopra states that the inner is reflected in the outer. This thought has moved me profoundly and has led me to countless hours of daydreaming trying to elucidate the ramifications and repercussions of such a simple but mind-blowing statement. The rubbish we see outside of us is a reflection of the rubbish inside. We humans are torn by two conflicting forces, eros (the life-affirming force) and thanatos (the death and destruction-seeking force). I know it because I see it in my family, in my friends and in myself. Creation and destruction are always present, inside and outside. When we manage to turn our destructive impulses into creative ones, we will all be better off, because we will have attained unity within ourselves and therefore outside of ourselves. Nature mirrors this conflict that is inside of us. 

Turning trash into art is my personal way of trying to turn my trash into something beautiful, as my tiny contribution or grain of salt towards living in more harmonious surroundings. Perhaps it is also a way of domesticating the beast, the beast meaning the dark side in me… Beauty has always been important to me. A great philosopher once said that beauty is truth. I would like to explore that thought more deeply and really understand what it means.  I want to create art from things that already exist, by transforming them and revealing what is hidden from others. My astrological sign is Sagittarius, a sign of fire. Fire destroys in order to clear space for creation. Fire also keeps us warm and cozy. Fire kills germs and bacteria, thereby protecting us from unseen threats. Fire has a dual nature, so to speak, the creative and the destructive sides.

What medium/s do you use in your work? 
I use paint and photographs and software to modify my photos. I originally began with rejected materials and have taken that up once again, painting used pizza boxes and adding words cut from newspapers and broken jugs, etc.

What or who inspires you the most? 
I used to be inspired by romantic love and love lost but lately I am more interested in evoking moods in other persons and also creating art and listening to the interpretation other persons have of it... as a way to fathom other people´s minds, to be amused by the interpretation other persons have of the art I produce. I guess this means that I am inspired by how people feel and interpret what they see...

Who is your favourite artist ever and why?! 
My favorite artist ever used to be Vincent Van Gogh but recently I have switched to Gerhard Richter because he intervened photographs with paint, which eventually evolved to his current abstract paintings, which I find reminiscent of Monet's lily pond. 

What's your favourite colour and why? 
I have several favourite colors: all shades of pink, all shades of purple including lavender and lilac and aquamarine blue.

Find more on Alexandra Masson here: Saatchi Online, Virtual Gallery, Fine Art America and Facebook


Shoes: Louboutin Colour Block

LIQUORICe loves these

Sylvieta 120 colour-block leather sandals. I love the bright block colours! Classic.

Designer Feature: Oliver Glass

Oliver Glass is a 21 year old Fashion Designer born in Lima, Peru but currently working in Warsaw, Poland. Glass graduated from Istituto Marangoni Milano and has since excelled as a marketing entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast due to his love of social media and passion for design.
Glass founded fashionchurch.com, a world famous website promoting avant garde fashion and design, and works in collaboration with designers and bloggers worldwide. One of Glass’ best selling designs are these fabulous Alexa pumps inspired by ‘punk dreams and limousine nights’. Black and embellished with silver spikes these shoes are scary, sexy and very en vogue.

As well as designing shoes and founding Fashion Church, Glass has designed an album cover, as part of a competition, for No Doubt's upcoming and highly anticipated sixth studio album entitled 'Push and Shove' (to be released on September 25th) which you can vote for here: talenthouse.com.

And that's not all, Glass also created and designs for a punk fashion line called FF (Fast Forward) inspired by "death, sports and dubstep"! The monochromatic beauty of his works is hard to ignore; each and every aspect is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, detailed and perhaps even challenging for the viewer and wearer at the same time. His new website is another example of this challenging beauty, find a link for his website below.


Missguided Denim and Leather

LIQUORICE loves this denim and leather shirt with embellished collar from missguided.co.uk's A/W collection, and that should be available online in the new few weeks.

Donna Karan Collection

Donna Karan described her collection released in June this year simply as 'the collection before the next collection' but LIQUORICE thinks these fabulous silky, flowing dresses and suits are something else entirely. 


I also love the splash of daring hot pink and purple, which has featured heavily on the catwalk for A/W 12 and could be the next big trend.