The Return of Revenge

If you have some time to spare and you like a good dramatic TV show then watch season 1 of Revenge immediately. And then join me in my excitement that the first episode of season 2 was aired last night! 
The story is set in the glamourous Hamptons, where a beautiful young girl called Amanda, has returned after a number of years in a Juvenile detention facility to avenge her framed Father's wrongful conviction in a high-profile case of terrorism and money-laundering: the consequence of which led to his murder. Except nobody knows she's Amanda...! She has secretly switched identity and is destroying her enemy from under it's own nose. 
A whole tangle of craziness and plotting ensues including tales of love, lies and jealousy. Although it sounds pretty intense it is actually quite an easy watch, and although some of the acting could be better I am still left waiting anxiously for the next episode. The fact that season 2 has officially arrived made call for a celebration of the program, and my celebration is sharing it with you!
The outfits alone, especially those worn by the beautiful, style icon Ashley Madekwe of acting and ashley-ringmybell fame, are worthy of at least a quick once over!
Oh, and Jack Porter is a hottie.

What do you think? Have you watched Revenge? Are you glad to finally see season 2?Leave me a comment!

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