Spacex Review: John Court Exhibition

You may remember that a few months ago, when I first started LIQUORICE, I reviewed the exhibition that was currently showing at Spacex, an independent art gallery in Exeter where I volunteer in my free time. 
You can read my review of that Michael Samuels exhibition here. This is my second review of the new exhibition of art work showing until the 24th November 2012; John Court's first solo UK exhibition, 'The Work Between the Lines'.

John Court is severely dyslexic and uses his art to explore this; turning something two dimensional like stenciled letters, in to a pattern, and then in to a sort of sculptural, braille-like, tactile piece of art. He is changing something that he finds difficult to understand in to something he can comprehend easily, whilst exploring and working through issues with his own dyslexia. You are invited to touch and play with some of the pieces of art work, which adds another dimension to the viewing experience.

The dedication Court puts in to his art work is phenomenal. He spends hundreds of hours on each piece, which gives way to the sense of discipline there is behind all of this and leads nicely in to his performance art. Court will be performing a specially commissioned piece similar to his famous 'Standing up for 8 hours' at Spacex on the 24th of November, to mark the closing of the exhibition. These performances can be interpreted literally as the marking of time, and push Court beyond technique and exhaustion. Not to be missed!

Read more about the exhibition here: spacex.org.uk/exhibitions/john-court/
(Images © Fran Wright 2012)

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