Fairy Secrets Body Lotion Candle Review

I have to start this review by saying I absolutely HATE the branding of these candles; but that is just my honest opinion! 
Despite the branding, I would buy this candle again because of the sheer novelty of it, and the great scents available; everything from Creme Brulee to Sandalwood, and Lavender to Peach! I tried the Fairy Secrets Georgia Peach candle*. All the candles come in glass pots with a glass stopper, are really high quality and made of wonderful skin-nourishing things like Jojoba oil and Shea butter. 

When you light the candle the amazing aroma gets stronger and lasts within the room for a good few hours, and when you blow the candle out a pool of oil-like liquid is left which you can scoop out or pour on to your skin and massage in. Unlike wax it's not too hot when it's liquified and although it's not a brilliant moisturiser, it would be good as a massage oil and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

The only other downsides to this, apart from the branding, are,

1. the scent when massaged in to your skin, although it does smell like peach it also still smells a little bit waxy, and

2. the price! At £10.95 for the small 4oz candle it is a bit steep but then again the ingredients are of such high quality perhaps it is worth that much! And it would make a great christmas present!

Shop the whole range here.

What do you think? Would you try this candle? Have you tried a lotion candle before? Leave a comment!


  1. Sounds kind of so-so! I bought one of these from a local natural store called Saje and it's amazing. Smells beautiful and absorbs wonderfully.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, it is a little bit like that! But I think the novelty of it outweighs the slight negative points I have found! :)