Artist Feature: Bianca Green

You may have seen Bianca Green's "These Diamonds Are Forever" print (second from the left) adorning Urban Outfitters windows in recent months, or perhaps you've seen her designs on a beautiful bedspread, on a phone case, or a print on a decorated wall! 
I love the amazing combinations of colour Bianca uses in her work. You can see how much fun she has creating these designs, and how much her broad understanding of cultures all around the world has influenced them! To celebrate the launch of her fabric line I did an interview with Bianca to find out more about her, and her work!

How did you get in to design?
It literally happened over night. I took off to live in Uruguay. To find out who I am, what I wanted and most importantly, what I didn't want in life. So there I was, so much inspiration and so much time. I started to create. My only intention was to fill my day with something I enjoyed doing and that would make me happy. And it did! Then I was telling my friend about all this creative venting, and she wanted to see. So I posted some of my works on my blog.. and from there, the stone started to roll and became bigger and bigger.. I think when you don't plan an outcome to something, it can turn out to be the best thing you ever did.

What inspired your bold and colourful designs?
Mostly my family background. Born in Brazil, raised in Germany and a few thousand miles of travel later, I had so much inspiration in me I would have exploded if not put into work! My art pretty much represents me: loud, happy, bold, colourful, old, new... everything you see is a part of me.

How important is colour in your work?
It always depends. I have a few pieces that aren't drowning in color like some others...it changes with what I am trying to express. But in general, I have to have colours in my life. In my food, in my Interiors, the people around me and of course my clothing. Today I wore a blue patterned hippie dress with blue tights, multi colored shoes, a sky blue cardigan and a heavy patterned jacket on top. Compared to all the grey, black and brown that people were wearing out there, I looked like I came sliding down a rainbow! But I don't mind. :)

And what is the reason you use so much pattern?
Probably because of all the passions I have: interior designs, fabric design, vintage wallpaper, nature and the love for shapes in general. I just believe in combining beautiful things to get something that's even more beautiful. Like people: if you get the right mix of people together, your dinner will be much more exciting than eating alone.

What's on your desk right now?
Besides too many emails? A lot of ideas and projects! You would never think that but lately I have been spending more time on administrative stuff than creating...So I am hoping to switch that around soon. As a constant traveler, I am thinking about doing something that might help me find my way...we will see.

Who or what inspires you the most with regards to designing prints and pieces?
I find inspiration everywhere really. In daily life, in movies, in sound, in people. I like to observe situations and people. I do that a lot when I travel. Like on my trip to Helsinki; the people there are so creative, artistic and are not afraid to wear bold colors and patterns. I also get a lot of ideas from interior design and fashion photography. Sometimes you see a picture of a person sitting in front of a wall; but the way his shirt, hair and the structure of the wall work together is what helps to create a vision in my head.

Where can we find some reviews of your work?
There are a lot of lovely features about me and my work online. If you put Bianca Green Art in your favorite search engine you will find a few. But the ones I prefer the most normally don't include any words. A picture of my product in the hands of a happy customer. Those are priceless!

Tell us more about your fabric collection and why you decided to release a fabric collection.
Oh, that was one exciting project! Like I mentioned before, I am very much into interior designs. So one day I wanted to have one of my designs on fabric for these vintage chairs I bought. I found Spoonflower and uploaded one design first. After holding a sample in my hands I freaked out (in a good way!) and did nothing but fabric designs for the next 2 weeks. It's a completely different thing to see your artwork on a piece of paper, on an iPhone case or on fabric. So mainly I created the collection for myself and for my future projects, but the nice side effect is that people can buy them too and get creative. They have been making beautiful things from curtains, dresses, pillows to purses!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?
Home - wherever that might be, Happy - with what I am doing, Blessed - to have lovely people to share life with, and Curious - always trying out new things and going on new adventures.

Find more of Bianca's work here:

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