ZARA Shoes AW12

You probably know by now that I love ZARA; by far my favourite high street shop, not only for the instant classics they seem to be able to come up with season after season, and the amazing AW knitwear and range of coats available, but also for the incredible prices. 
The reason I'm posting about ZARA today? I have never found a comfier, better-fitting, more affordable, pair of heels than my ZARA heels, and I cannot stress how much I love and want almost every pair of shoes from the current collection. 
So here are my favourites...What are yours? Do you have any ZARA shoes? And are they as comfy for you as they are on me...?!

Gold Embroidered High-Heel Ankle Boot £99.99 here

Velvet Peep-Toe £29.99 here

High-Heel Platform Court Shoe £39.99 here

Shiny Slipper £39.99 here

High-Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap £39.99 here
(I have these, they are the comfiest heels I own...and also the highest!) 

Wide Heel Ankle Boot £59.99 here

Block Ankle Boot £49.99 here

Patent Leather Court Shoe £19.99 here 
(Also available in Nude and Red, this classic shoe design has been all over the Fashion Week's)

Patent Leather Peep Toe £29.99 here

Combine Platform Court Shoe £39.99 here

Graduated Colour Sandal £39.99 here


  1. Love the sequinned flats :) the others look a tee bit uncomfy though...but then again I am a housecat! x

    1. That's the whole point though! They look like they'd be uncomfortable but if you went to ZARA and tried any of these on you would see how ridiculously comfy they really are. That's why I love them all so much! :)


  2. hey fran loving the two toned wedges and the sequin flats. I've been amazed by just looking in a store wibndow like Zara they are blowing me away right now. With the black on black trends, leather, tweed and lace, however the jewellery has a african vibe to it the use of colours are awesome and they really stand out against the black. The stylist used the jewellery on the hats and as head pieces. Love the feedcback that you leave :) i will reply to the saint laurent post too. One thing i need help with how can i get the YOU MiGHT LIKE THIS TOO on my blog posts??

    1. No problem! Love reading your posts, you pick great things to write about! And yes, Zara is a great place to shop this season!
      With regards to the "You might also like:" widget, just click on the 'LinkWithin' writing on the bottom right hand corner there and it will take you to the website where you can customise your own and apply it to your blog. :)