Photography Feature: Felix McCabe

Felix McCabe is a Devon-based photographer with A LOT of talent and potential, and a variety of interests, from portraiture to live music photography. He photographs using a mixture of film and digital, although digital is becoming the predominant method as his work becomes more professional; working for up and coming bands such as The Casitas, and photographing at festivals such as The Applecart Festival earlier this year.

He began by photographing good friends as a day to day hobby whilst at school and at college in Exeter and these photos, edited to perfection using Photoshop, quickly became a popular talking point within this crowd, and rapidly gained a gang of avid followers and the interest of fellow photographers, such as the infamous Rankin (who described McCabe's work as 'very strong' and told him to 'keep it up!'), via social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr.

Benefiting from tons of natural charisma and a real passion for the field McCabe is going from strength to strength with regards to his visual work and is currently working on his debut video project for The Casitas brand new EP, which was released on the 6th September, for which we hold high hopes of a brilliant bit of cinematography.

Tell LIQUORICE a little more about yourself:

I was born screaming in centre of London. At the moment I'm studying Film, Photography and English Lit, and hopefully I'm going to go on to London College Of Fashion after I've finished my A levels. I want to do a degree in Fashion Photography and then with any luck assist a professional. You can never learn enough!

What or who inspires you the most?

If I had to pick my favorite photographers, I would probably have to say Ansel Adams, Robert Doisneau, Irving penn and Saul Leiter.
Though most of my inspiration comes from paintings! I'm a complete fiend for Jenny Saville.

What's your favourite colour and why?

My favorite colour is red, I love how many emotions it represents.

What do you hope the future holds for you?

I think it's extremely important for people to understand that everyone is talented at something.. it's just up to them to find out what it is. I still have a ridiculous amount to learn, but if I'd never picked up that shitty little camera and started taking pictures of crayons, I wouldn't have got where I am now! I want to inspire others so that they have the confidence put the biff down for a minute and try something new.

Why photography?

I stumbled across the medium when i nicked the class camera for a school lunch break.
I've always been drawn towards images (I'm a visual learner with a photographic memory), so naturally I really enjoyed being able to create some pictures of my own; at the time I thought I was incredible, and thank god I did, because it gave me the confidence to continue! Looking back now the pictures were a pile of wank.

Film or digital?

I would say film but I never seem to have the funds for processing - I work with a D-SLR the majority of the time, I love the instant results.

 Find more and follow Felix McCabe's work at: Tumblr, Flickr and like his page on Facebook.


  1. what a great interview, I love those photos! x

    1. They're great aren't they! Make sure you check out Felix's Facebook etc, there are loads more there :)