Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

After reading the wonderful Hareem's post (check it out at iheartmexo) about Montagne Jeunesse's summer skin regime, where she tried 4 different face masks from the range over 4 weeks, I was feeling reminiscent about when I was younger and used to go to Boots specially to get a face mask because there was nothing else I really used at that time; no make-up, fake tan or anything! So I popped in to get one and used it yesterday evening. 
I chose Passion Peel Off Face Masque for normal to oily skin, with ingredients of pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape and cranberry it's full of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants that they say: "helps protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off."
I say: the packet contains enough for two whole face masks and goes on really smoothly. The drying time is a bit long - 15 to 20 minutes - and the peeling off can be a bit difficult around the hairline/neck/eyebrows so you should probably cleanse after using to make sure you've got rid of it all, but my skin was left feeling fresh and soft and smelling of raspberry! 
I highly recommend these face masks and I will definitely be reminiscing some more and trying all of the masks in the range!

Buy now here (Boots) or here (Montagne Jeunesse website).


  1. thankyou so much for the mention :D I havent tried this one! it sounds really great!xx

    1. No problem hun! I just hope a few of my readers actually click the link and have a look at your blog! Haha. :)