Winter Sun Holiday

LIQUORICE is finally getting that Summer vibe although Autumn is well on it's way (I swear the trees are starting to go brown already...?!) My best friend and I are in the process of booking a holiday for his 19th, which unfortunately means compromising for fewer nights out and less retail therapy (but still the same amount of window shopping!) but there is that promise of 7 days and nights of scorching sun, the smell of suncream and a pool bar on the horizon, so I think we can live with that! Searching for some 'Winter sun' is far more stressful than I ever could have imagined; reading review after review, visiting travel agent after travel agent to find something that works with our (reasonably small) budget. But at least we've narrowed it down a little bit to the choice of somewhere in Greece or Turkey (favouring Turkey for the high 20's and potential that it may be even hotter - our travel agent informed us she went in June expecting 29C temperates and finding herself in a ridiculous 42C!)
Having expensive taste and an eye for detail doesn't make booking a hotel easy when your budget doesn't allow for all the luxury you want!

The thing I'm most looking forward to at the moment though is the holiday shopping; since we are going 'out of season' and Autumn is around the corner all the Summer stuff (bikinis, shirts, shorts, wedges) are all on sale! One of the things I'm most looking forward to getting, when we finally book the holiday and can start the proper shopping, is a bikini from Kiniki, a brand I discovered through Facebook (click the link to go to their page) that claims to have developed a 'tan-through' material so those annoying tan lines can be reduced and avoided...! They also do beach clothing and mens swimwear too. I can't wait to see whether it works! Check out the Kiniki designs I'm considering:

'Cheetah' and 'St. Barts' design bikinis currently on sale at Kiniki.com

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