Job Interview Chic

I went for a job interview today at L.K.Bennett and I'm so happy I've now got a trial day on Saturday. Check out my key interview-outfit pieces below, I didn't want to spend too much because it was 'just an interview' so I wore black skinny jeans rolled up at the bottom and black platform wedges and bought these two beauties:

I went to Topshop looking for the ivory peplum top I posted on here last week only to find it's been recalled...! So it will never be mine...! :( There's a really nice peplum just like this one in the Petite section (the material is much nicer) but they didn't have a size 8 so I compromised. This is half the price and still just as pretty...

...especially with this Topshop necklace. You can't wear a plain, high-necked top, dress or jumper without something sparkly around your neck to break it up and accessorise. This necklace was in the sale and was a bargain at £4.99...!

After I secured my job trial I went looking for a smart, new dress to wear because none of my LBD's are really elegant enough (or long enough...) to wear to work. I love this dress, and I suppose it satisfied my craving for an embellished collar...!

(Shop the shirt and dress)

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