Dulce and Banana Cake

Sunday is as good a day as any for baking a cake. As you now know, I like to bake (see the ultimate chocolate brownie recipe!) and I thought I would share today's creation with you!

Check out this delicious banana upside-down traybake that I have adapted to make a proper sandwich cake, the original 'Dulce and Banana' recipe by the beautiful ex-model Lorraine Pascale, and the method (whether you follow my changes or not) can be found here: BBC Good Food Lorraine Pascale's Dulce and Banana Cake.

I made a few adjustments, keeping it simple (and much cheaper) by; 
exchanging the vanilla pod for 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla flavouring, 
using plain white flour instead of wholemeal flour, 
not including ginger, cinnamon, pecans or calvados, 
using a mixture of light and dark brown sugar (instead of just light), 
and obviously I made it round and in to a sandwich cake instead of a rectangular traybake! 

Since I decided to make it a sandwich cake we needed a filling for the middle and I mixed around 200g of unsalted butter and enough caster sugar to make it thick and sweet and then added lemon juice to taste, there was a little bit of this left over so perhaps try 100g or 150g of butter if you make it yourself! Send LIQUORICE a photo if you do!

I'm looking forward to cutting the cake later on...!


  1. This cake looks amazing! I love baking but I am a bit rubbish at the decoration part! xx

    1. Try out this recipe then hun, it's so easy to do and its absolutely delicious, especially with the lemon butter cream :) and you dont need to decorate it because the bananas make it like...auto-decorated! :) x