30 Minute Facial at Home

One of the things I won as part of the Kandee Shoes giveaway (also, remember my blog sale) was a Sanctuary Brightening Facial In-a-Box. I already use a few Sanctuary products in my day to day routine, my favourite being the Daily Spa Escape Body Moisture Spray which is a really easy way to moisturise when you can't really be bothered or don't have lots of time (£5.87 at Debenhams.) 
This facial takes about 30 minutes, and really is luxurious...! 

Step One: A deep cleanse with polishing hot cloth - opens up the pores, cleanses and then closes the pores again.
Step Two: Exfoliating - using tiny grains and a serum full of essential citrus oils that smell amazing.
Step Three: Moisture boosting mask - creamy and smooth application, you leave this on for 10-15 minutes and your skin will feel so smooth and soft after just these 3 steps...!
Step Four: Brightening Eye Gel - you put this in the fridge for about an hour before you use it and it really cools down the area around your eye and reduces any puffiness.
Step Five: Finally, a protecting moisturiser - this lotion hydrates and has SPF15 sun protection, it's great even if you have oily skin and doesn't cause a break out.

I found the whole experience really relaxing even though you (obviously) do the facial yourself and my skin feels exceptionally soft, smooth and moisturised this morning! I would recommend this kit to anyone who loves a bit of pampering and perhaps can't afford a proper spa facial as you can get this from Boots for just £16.34, and you can definitely get at least 2 uses out of this. 
A facial for £8.00...?! Yes please!


  1. this sounds lovely! I love sanctuary body products but have never tried facial products, maybe this would be a good way for me to try them out! great post!


    1. I know, I hadn't ever tried Sanctuary facial products either, this kit is definitely the one to start with because you can try out 5 of their products all at once :)
      Thank you for commenting!