The Divine Addiction

The Divine Addiction is an online magazine dedicated to celebrating the finer things in life. Published by Lisa Vanderpump, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and owner of restaurants Villa Blanca and SUR, The Divine Addiction features lifestyle, travel, fashion, health and fitness tips and has a little something for everyone. Pandora Sabo, Lisa’s daughter, is the incredibly passionate Editor-in-Chief, her studies in English Literature and Film and Television have allowed her to shape her own dream career. Born in London, she has lived in various locations in England, France and America and has since become a self-confessed ‘LA devotee’. It’s not hard to see why when you take a peek in to the lives of those living the dream; fabulous food, exotic holidays and beautiful clothes…The Divine Addiction really offers the chance for all to see the richer (and brighter!) side of life.

Pandora’s addictions: Overly high heels, cooking for her husband Jason, strong coffee, taking beautiful photographs, curling up with a book (every day of the week), playing the piano, Notre Dame football, The Rolling Stones, English tea, wizards, puppies, singing any Broadway song, Cadbury’s chocolate, French wine.

Check out The Divine Addiction website here, including a recipe for yummy Peach and Honey Martinis….

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