The London Olympic Closing Ceremony 12

So…The Olympic Closing Ceremony…Wow! I know that a lot of people (including me) were tweeting the whole way through and there were a lot of funny comments about certain artists who performed (“Jessie J singing a song about how it’s not about the money from the back of a freaking Bentley…”) but overall I think the ceremony was amazing. 
Props must go to whoever co-ordinated the lighting and visual displays, it truly was a work of art.
LIQUORICE’s favourite parts of the Olympic Closing Ceremony, London, 2012!
-A beautiful Damien Hirst spin painting as the stage floor,
-Freddie Mercury still controlling the world with his fabulousness and musical talent 21 years after his death in 1991,
-Muse’s see-through, light up piano and Matt Bellamy’s incredible sparkly suit,
-THE SPICE GIRLS (need I say more?),
-Fashion; the unfairly beautiful Kate Moss strutting across the Union Jack stage wearing an incredible Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton dress to the tune of David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’,
-A gothic Annie Lennox being scary on a pirate ship,
-George Michael getting in the zone and grooving at ‘the centre of the universe!’
Even if you didn’t watch any of the Olympic Games (guilty…) there is no denying that the opening and closing ceremonies were on another level and make you proud to be British!

George Michael photo from: huffingtonpost.co.uk
Kate Moss photo from: marieclaire.co.uk

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