Photography Feature: Simona Dalla Valle

Simona Dalla Valle was born in a small village in Northern Italy and is currently based in London. She has a Masters degree in foreign languages and attended a professional photography school where she began working as a freelance photographer, focusing on portraiture and reportage whilst, “still keeping an eye on fashion and beauty”. She is currently looking for reportage assignments all over the world having already photographed ‘Occupy London’, ‘Candelaria’ in Peru and ‘Oruro Carnival’ to name a few, and is about to travel back to South America to collaborate with an Italian NGO to raise money and get her hands dirty helping out.
Simona shows talent in spontaneous photography, as she is able to catch the real spirit and colour of the events and places she documents, but she also shows wonderful talent in more staged photography. A great example of this is Simona’s ‘I am a Cinematographer’ series, inspired by her huge passion for cinema.

What is the concept behind the ‘I am a Cinematographer’ series?
'The Sleeper' Allen (1973)
Because of my passion for cinema I decided to do a series of portraits inspired by some of the films that inspired me the most. All the characters are friends of mine and I will never stop thanking them all for their patience. ‘The Sleeper’ is my favourite of the series, while I had a hard time doing my self-portrait for ‘Last Days’. But it was nice being Kurt Cobain for a while, even if…well, a dead Kurt!
'Last Days' Van Sant (2005)

What inspires you most?
I draw most of my inspiration from the people I admire, but I must admit I also tend to fantasize about people I meet in the street or on the bus and I have never met before – I imagine their lifestyle and their mood, and I take inspiration from these ‘visions’ as well. I must say the Internet is very helpful too, as I am very skilled at opening Google looking for something and finding myself visiting a completely different page just ten minutes later, wondering how I got there. Being very fond of cinema and music, almost everything from ordinary life reminds me of a scene from a film or a line in a song, and I go crazy if I cannot immediately recall what the title is to what inspired this epiphany. I have a Master’s Degree in languages and literature and I am particularly keen on English Literature. I like seeing the world in literary terms, and I believe one of the major masterpieces of all time is ‘The Waste Land’ by T.S Eliot.

What’s your favourite colour?
I like blue and green eyes, but when it comes to clothing I’d definitely choose black.

'The Corpse Bride' Tim Burton (2005)
Traditional film or digital?
Nothing can beat film’s texture, but I had to surrender to digital for obvious reasons. I still shoot film though, and I’ll never give up completely.

Find more of Simona Dalla Valle’s work at www.simovalley.com and www.behance.net/simovalley.

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