Photography Feature: SM Photography

Sally Stephens is a self-taught, freelance photographer from Dawlish, Devon, UK who shoots both commercially, as SM Photography, and to satisfy her own desire to capture the perfect image. LIQUORICE has seen her photography improve and evolve as time goes on, and she has definitely developed her own rich, detailed and evocative style. Here you can see a few examples of Sally's commercial/band photography and her ability to capture the beauty she sees in everyday settings.

Tell LIQUORICE a little more about yourself.
Photography became a passion of mine at age 13 and I've also studied digital arts at varying levels, now moving on to a degree. I aspire to make a living as a pro photographer and am currently establishing myself a photography business, for portraiture, weddings, etc, as well as any more creative projects I do myself. 

Film or digital?
While I admire film work and do enjoy doing it myself, I do work mainly in digital. I find it far more limitless, especially when shooting weddings or portraits, as it's nice to be able to view your shots there and then. It's all really convenient. I also do a lot of photo editing on Photoshop. However, I do use film and have done several film projects. It is an interesting medium as there's no much you can do in a dark room.

What's your favourite colour?
Turquoise, because it reminds me of the Mediterranean. 

What inspires you most?
People who aren't afraid to push boundaries and come up with creative ideas. I especially love the work of Rankin due to his fantastic work and outside-the-box ideas, such as his ‘Eyescapes’ project. I also love being able to look at a scene and think 'this would make a really nice photo, I can do this and this to enhance things...'.
A friend once said online, 'anyone who aims to be a photographer needs to sort out their ambitions, because there aren't enough beautiful things in life to take pictures of'. I really hope I can prove people with that mind frame wrong.

Find more of Sally Stephens work, reviews and recommendations at www.smphotography.moonfruit.com, www.facebook.com/SM.Photography8 and search for 'SM Photography' on Twitter.

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