Stylist Feature: Rachelle Boyle

Rachelle Boyle from Silver Fish Bloom is a stylist who grew up surrounded by amazing, period clothing as her mother owned a vintage shop down the Kings road in the late 1970's and a vintage shop called 'Nostalgia' in Dorking, Surrey in the late 80's. Influenced by her mother Rachelle has developed her own ability and a great passion to design and style clothes. 
This particular shoot was organised by Visual Playground at an Industrial Estate on the 28th July this year to start the London's Night Fashion Project which aims to bring together fashion professionals for collective promotions. Visual Playground's aim is to create London's biggest pool of talents in the fashion industry.

How did you start your design and styling career?
I was at a fashion show around Febuary 2012 and met a Russian photographer at a fashion show, later on he came round to my flat and took pictures of my samples that I had designed & some Vintage pieces I had put aside intentionally for pictures & he posted on his Facebook, a model noticed my dresses and asked to wear them at some shoot to which I agreed, I was then introduced to a monthly photography group called Megashoot, the first shoot was in Milton Keynes.

How did this affect your work?
It was a big sucess for me, my clothes went down very well with everyone and I was amazed at how everything came to life and everyone loved the clothing I had brought, it was great for networking and I got some lovely pictures, I decided to keep going, I then went on picking up new items of clothing for pictures and getting more samples made from my own designs.
By then the ball was rolling as from the shoots I would go on to do private shoots with people I had met and other photography shoots and finding more photographers on creative websites and networking with them. I feel like I have found a fantastic creative outlet for me which comes easily to me and I enjoy very much.

What is your biggest inspiration?
My inspiration is life and emotion. I am very visual and am always observing what people are wearing on the street, I am not a great follower of designer fashion unless it is edgy, when I shop I buy things that I am drawn to; colourful, avante-garde. I think "pictures" and I trust my own judgement: things just jump out at me.

Where do you tend to shop?
I look for things in markets and second hand shops, and I think of my model friends and some theme that the clothes would be suitable for.

What are you plans for the future?
I'm just excited to see what the future will bring as I feel I am only touching the surface.

All designs in the shoot were provided by Silver Fish Bloom and Sleiman Dayaa, the stylist of Roberto Cavalli has also been invited to contribute to the project with his styling skills.

The shoot was been organised by Visual Playground who have teamed up with graphic artist, Nishant Pithia from Fashionica.

Find more of Rachelle's work and more information how you can become involved with Visual Playground at www.visualplayground.co.ukfacebook.com/VisualPlayground.co.uk and facebook.com/groups/visualplayground


  1. Happy to read about Rachelle and see of her success, she's been a good friend & mother figure to me xoxo

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