Designer Feature: Oliver Glass

Oliver Glass is a 21 year old Fashion Designer born in Lima, Peru but currently working in Warsaw, Poland. Glass graduated from Istituto Marangoni Milano and has since excelled as a marketing entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast due to his love of social media and passion for design.
Glass founded fashionchurch.com, a world famous website promoting avant garde fashion and design, and works in collaboration with designers and bloggers worldwide. One of Glass’ best selling designs are these fabulous Alexa pumps inspired by ‘punk dreams and limousine nights’. Black and embellished with silver spikes these shoes are scary, sexy and very en vogue.

As well as designing shoes and founding Fashion Church, Glass has designed an album cover, as part of a competition, for No Doubt's upcoming and highly anticipated sixth studio album entitled 'Push and Shove' (to be released on September 25th) which you can vote for here: talenthouse.com.

And that's not all, Glass also created and designs for a punk fashion line called FF (Fast Forward) inspired by "death, sports and dubstep"! The monochromatic beauty of his works is hard to ignore; each and every aspect is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, detailed and perhaps even challenging for the viewer and wearer at the same time. His new website is another example of this challenging beauty, find a link for his website below.

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