TATE Review: Migrations Exhibition

MIGRATIONS: Journeys into British Art’ opened at the TATE Britain on the 31st of January this year and finishes in just 6 days time. The exhibition explores how migration over the past 500 years has affected British art.
The rooms are arranged so you can create your own journey around the exhibition, although the work is laid out chronologically, starting with ‘Portraiture and New Genres’, which includes the 16th century Netherlandish artists who came to Britain, and ending with ‘The Moving Image’ which explores how the accessibility of the medium makes it a perfect way to examine ideas of migration.

I feel that the exhibition is a really interesting one as ‘inter-culturalism’ is inevitable and has always been a huge part of life on the island that is Britain. This influence from other countries and cultures means that ‘British art’ really isn’t all that British but instead is a combination of all the best styles and ideas from other countries mixed in to the best from this country.

Entry in to the exhibition costs just £6. 

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