Artist Feature: Matt Susko

Matt Susko is a self professed ‘quirky artist’ and when LIQUORICE first set eyes on his art work it was very clear that he’s right about that. These colourful and exciting digital collages are created with great skill that has been honed to perfection over the course of 13 years: from humble beginnings in Microsoft Paint to the intricate and fractal-like images we see here. Much like a musical artist, Susko samples other artists he finds inspirational and then manipulates and edits their work in to something entirely personal with entirely different tone, colour and meaning.

    'Evets' by Matt Susko


What inspires you the most?
Music, Amanda Palmer, my friends and my relationship with God. Lots of things inspire me and when inspired, I create. When you read the titles of my artworks you will see super random references, but more often than not I just pick the first thing that pops in to my head and name a piece after that.

What is your favourite colour?
Orange, like construction sign orange.

                      'Happens' by Matt Susko

Why do you create art?

I have an awesome, God given talent so why wouldn’t I share it? I love watching people look at my work like it’s some sort of Rorschach test and talking to them about what it is they see in my work. Really, I love to share.

What does the future hold for you?
I want to eventually teach art through prayer, or prayer through art as a skill in a workshop facility or something similar.

Find more of Matt Suskos artwork at www.mattsuskoartandthings.tumblr.com, www.flavors.me/mattsusko, Twitter and Youtube.

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