Photography Feature: Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is a freelance photographer who recently graduated from the University of Wales, Newport having read Photography for Fashion and Advertising and now specialises in women's fashion and beauty. Jessica's photos range from studio work, live catwalk photography, 'on location' shoots, street fashion photography and personal projects; such as 'Belief' which explores the effect of religion, culture and belief on the way a woman dresses or looks. The photos are themselves beautiful but the subtle differences that Jessica has managed to capture, by allowing the models to style themselves to reflect their beliefs, are magical. Find out more about the 'Belief' project and Jessica's other work below...

Three photos from Jessica Brown's 'Belief' project.
Tell LIQUORICE more about your project 'Belief' and the concept and working behind it.
The project 'Belief' was produced for my final year at university. It was an ongoing project that portrayed women who have a strong belief belief system of are deeply involved within their culture. The final outcome was a series of studio based portraits which hold a subtle element of religion. Incorporated into each photograph is a hint of that belief in the form of an object, piece of clothing or accessory specifically chosen by the model themselves. Throughout the project I had no control over what each individual chose to bring to the photo shoot which meant that they were able to represent themselves entirely, allowing for their personality to shine through.
I chose to shoot this project as I find the subject of religion truly fascinating: how everyone has a different take on it. I wanted to show that one belief was no more important than another and to make people aware that not every belief has to be a conventional religion. 

An example of Jessica's fab catwalk photography.
Why Photography? 
I've always been interested in art & design, both of which I studied throughout my secondary education and during sixth form, I attended night college once a week where I studied photography. It was at this point I understood that photography was the direction I wanted to take my creativity. 
I went to university where I read Photography for Fashion and Advertising. The course allowed my love of both fashion and photography to work together harmoniously within an image. I love that you can create your own story; photography is a medium that can allow you to control an outcome, from the lighting and location to the model and styling. Seeing a picture form in front of your eyes is incredible, and knowing that you made that happen is a great achievement.

What or who inspires you the most?
A lot of my inspiration comes from other creatives, not necessarily photography. Inspiration for me comes from many areas, such as designers, films, music videos and tv commercials. I'm a very visual person so a lot of my ideas are triggered by seeing something that catches my eye, whether it be colours working together to create a specific mood, an object or even a hairstyle.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style varies depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing. Generally I like to dress in anything pretty, covered in floral print, with interesting detailing. I wear a lot of black with bold print, which allows certain items or accessories to stand out, at the moment I love studded detailing. My ideal wardrobe would probably consist of a vast selection dresses or playsuits that I could dress up or down!

What do you hope the future holds for you and where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Being an in-house fashion photographer for a magazine or reputable clothing brand would be brilliant. Having creative influence on how you see products and designs being represented would be a dream come true.

Find more about Jessica Brown photography and connect at: www.jessicabrownphotography.co.uk, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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