I don’t know about anyone else but because I’m fairly tall I don’t often wear heels, and when I do I find it very difficult to walk in them (although that might be because I usually wear them on nights out) so over the past couple of years I have developed my shoe collection with a few simple, mid-height heels (and one spectacular pair of 5 inch platforms) and struggled on through, but finally I have found the perfect shoes for tall (and short), heel-wary girls everywhere. FLATFORMS-the hybrid of platforms and flat shoes.
A trend that started at the beginning of 2011, I only ever saw all the ‘Creeper’ style flatforms and I didn’t think much of the overall look of the shoes until recently, whilst shopping online one evening, I found (and impulse bought) these plain black flatforms perfect for every day wear.

The benefit of flatforms is that it’s like wearing normal shoes; it’s not difficult to walk and you aren’t tottering on a tiny slim heel all day, ankles bending all over the place every five steps. And at the same time your legs are lengthened and the teeny tiny incline of the heel improves your posture and your leg shape.
I think I’m in love.
LIQUORICE is craving:
these beautiful, almost architectural, DV8 Monika Slingback Flatform sandals. Available at asos.com for a mere £100.

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