Artist Feature: Federico Zambon

Federico Zambon is a self-taught artist who works mainly with acrylic on canvas with both abstract and pop-arty techniques, but occasionally uses painted wood and nails to create beautiful portraits. 
Caos Armonioso
Federico says, of his work, “A few years ago I decided to make colours 
part of everyday life. Painting is my way of banishing the demons of fear, sadness, and monotonous repetition of the days that are all the same and without purpose.
Colours can give form to my dreams, my life, my desires, and nothing can give me more joy.
My paintings speak of me. Of my passions, my experiences, voids and fears. 
They are talking about a person who is lost and found, and who would like to be able to be of help to others with the same tools that have helped him.
I wish my paintings to be a moment of pure happiness for the viewer.”
Black More
Federico’s work is bold and colourful, it uses both plain imagery and abstraction to create feeling and meaning from the medium of paint, which is very open to interpretation.

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