Hus-1 Architecture by Torsten Ottesjo

This 269 square-foot house designed by Torsten Ottesjo, entitled ‘Hus-1’ and built on the Swedish coast is, believe it or not, designed for 2 people.
The entirely curved structure, breaking free from a basic tradition of architecture, is built from a freestanding skeleton of wood and covered with partially water-absorbing slate. The shape reminds me of an upturned boat and the blindingly white and surprisingly spacious interior remind me somewhat of Doctor Who’s ‘TARDIS’…!

Torsten states that the expression of our love for a car related to the very rare expression of our love for a house or home has to do with scale, and Hus-1 is built in the hope that the curving features and relatively small size will allow the owner to intrinsically feel connected with their home.

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