Spacex Review: Michael Samuels Exhibition

One of LIQUORICE’s favourite local art galleries SPACEX, in Exeter, Devon, UK is holding a new exhibition of Michael Samuels work which opened officially on the 28th July.
The exhibition, entitled ‘This Was Tomorrow’ fits beautifully in the converted 19th century warehouse which consists of a variety of rooms, mostly windowless and painted white. The dark, glossy floors reflect the colourful, desk-lamp lights in Samuels work while the walls are ideal to display the wonderful, intricate shadows that are cast.
The towering sculptures themselves are intricate and bold; straight lines are used as the skeleton of the sculptures which are made from G-plan furniture, and this is complimented with the addition of areas of block colour, functional G-clamps and ratchet straps, and coloured light. The light adds another dimension to Samuels work, bringing 2D areas of light and shade in to the idea to surround the sculpture and continue it in to the intangible dimensions.
Michael Samuels was born in 1964 and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Royal College of Art in 2000. His work has been exhibited all over the world, from Paris to Japan, is a part of multiple, international collections and has recently been commissioned by Comme Des Garcon.
Find more information about Spacex Art Gallery at www.spacex.org.uk
Photos by Fran Wright (www.facebook.com/artbyfran)

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